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Director's Message

Fr Jose Vettiyankal

God has a plan for you in eternity that is your wellness (Jer 29:11). At the same time satan the ruler of the world till the second coming of Jesus (c.c.c.2853), has also a plan for you - that is your destruction. But Jesus has come to the world to destroy the work of the ruler and save you from his nasty hands (1 Jn 3:1-8). Therefore, trust in Jesus Christ. All those who trust in Him will not be put to shame. But we have seen thousands of people are in still in the chains and bondages which are not coming from God (Gs 13). All these human miseries elicited the compassion of Jesus and willingly He took all these miseries into His body & delivered the people from the dominion of the devil (c.c.c. 2448).

The Logos Retreat Centre has already been selected by God to continue the ministry of Jesus through its various programmes such as residential retreats, Bible conventions on Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Kannada, in English and in Malayalam along with Tamil respectively.

All are welcome to experience these life changing events at Logos on a regular basis. We also welcome all priests the shepherds of the souls and renew their commitment and mission with the charisms of the Holy Spirit. Dear priests, Logos is waiting for you on all Mondays after the third Sunday from 5 p.m. to Friday 5 p.m. for residential retreats. The main theme of the retreat is deliverance, healings and charisms.

We the Logos team expect your genorous prayers for the success of all the programmes. May God bless all of you through Jesus Christ through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.


Saturday Bible Convention

Saturday Bible Convention begins with the recitation of the Holy Rosary, followed by praise and worship, jericho prayer, spiritual talks, recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, healing adoration service and concludes with Holy Mass at 5.30 PM. Confession and spiritual counselling are also done during the convention.


Residential Retreats

Logos Retreat Centre organizes four days of residential retreats for Inner Healing, where multitudes of people come with brokenness, emptiness and sickness and receive fullness of joy and spiritual nourishment with healing of body, mind and soul.


Intercessory Prayers

We are having twenty four hours of intercessory prayers in our retreat centre with our intercessors praying for the whole world. You may send your petitions to our intercessors through email or by filling this online form.